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Real food transforms.

When we first brought Edith home, she was inflamed & her coat was dull. Now look at her glow—inside & out!

We love homemade food

We believe all pups should be eating real food.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my cat have your products?

Our products are formulated specifically for dogs and based on research in dog nutrition, not cats. We suggest checking with an expert before giving anything to your sweet cat!

Do you ship outside the USA?

Not right now, but we hope to soon.


Yes. We use whole sunflower seeds in our mixes because of their high vitamin E content. When the meal cooks, the oils and vitamin E in the seeds are released into the food. The vitamin E in sunflower seeds is up to 2-times more active than the synthetic kind that you find in many dog foods. That, and our commitment to real food ingredients is why we use them. The hull isn’t the important component and often passes out whole.

HELP I have another question...

Email (.co, NOT .com!) with your questions and we will get back to you ASAP!