Meals fit for a foodie pup

Surprise your pup to the occasional gourmet meal!

Save your spot now!

  • We are starting on a limited basis to ensure you get a magical experience.
  • Once you secure your spot, you will receive a questionnaire for us to learn about your pup.
  • Then we'll send you our box options and you decide which one your pup would love best.

    Expect a combination of surprise meal kits with recipes to follow, desserts, drink mixes, and extra surprise snacks. All delicious & nutritious of course!


    We ship you a mix of fresh ingredients, premade components, and a simple recipe to put it all together. Some treats will come ready to eat.


    We make sure your pup gets food that they can safely eat and enjoy. How? You'll tell us about your pup before we put your box together!

  • Enrich their life

    Smells, tastes, textures and more! Give your dog a life enhancing, sensory experience.

  • Add variety & nutrition

    Increase the variety in your dog's diet with new, nutritious ingredients.

  • Cooking: a love language

    Give your dog the gift of a beautiful meal, made by you. Watch them have the time of their life.

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I was wondering...

When will I get my box?

We will begin shipping later this year through Jan 2024. The earlier you sign up the sooner you can expect yours to arrive!

How much cooking is involved?

A little bit! We prep everything for you so it's super simple to make. There will also be ready-to-eat snacks.

My dog is BIG! Is this for tiny dogs?

It's for all dogs to enjoy! We have different box sizes that you can choose from.

I have more than one dog. Do they each need a box?

You can definitely share a box between all your pups, if they are willing! :)

My dog has allergies. Do you account for that?

Yes! This is why we ask you to fill out a questionnaire. It's important you inform us of your pup's allergies so we can make sure their box is safe for them.

What if my dog has a sensitive stomach?

If you're sure it's not food allergies, variety in their diet could be beneficial for a dog with sensitive stomach!

Is it a monthly subscription?

This initial box is just a one time purchase.

Do you ship internationally?

No. Currently we can only ship within the USA.